Dive Newfoundland June 2018!

Dive Newfoundland June 2018!

Diving Newfoundland 2018
In June 2018, Discovery Deep partner organization Go With The Flow Diving of Kingston, Ontario, Canada will be leading the dive adventure of a lifetime with Ocean Quest Adventures of Newfoundland, Canada.

Dive WWII shipwrecks, an underwater mine and even icebergs!

We’d love for you to join Go With The Flow Diving on this incredible adventure!  For more information or to book your place call Matthew, at gowiththeflowdiving@gmail.com or (613) 484-3001.

Trip Details
Dates:       2-10 June 2018
Where:      Ocean Quest Adventures, Newfoundland, Canada
Prices:       Basic – $2199.00+TX (AL 80 tanks, no Nitrox, no DECO)
                   Nitrox – $2399.00+TX (Steel tanks, Nitrox, no long DECO)
                   Tech – $2599.00 +TX (Doubles, side or back, deco bottle, & gases)
                   All prices in Canadian $
  • Packages can be mixed & matched with a day of whale watching, iceberg trips, or Kayaking
  • Full Cave Divers can add a day in the Bell Island Mines for $300
  • Snorkel with Whales additional 200
  • Iceberg Dive available for an additional 300 (Deep certification, good buoyancy, and a minimum of 100 dives required.)
(Notes: 1) 25% deposit required; 2) Deposits made in 2017 lock in 2017 prices; 3) 2018 prices include 5%; 4) Airport transportation from St John’s to Ocean Quest and back included.)

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