The U-352 | A 3D Digital Tour

The U-352 | A 3D Digital Tour

As you may have noticed the feature on the homepage of the site, we have released our second 3D Digital Tour, the U-352.  The U-352 was a World War II German submarine that was sunk off the coast of North Carolina on May 9, 1942.

This wreck is now a protected site on the National Register of Historic Places.

View the 3D Digital Tour


We’d like to thank all those involved in making this happen, including team members Mohamed Ali Hafez, Frank Stopa, Joyce Steinmetz, Nic Fuller,Alex Stopa, Tanya Houppermans and Stephen Klinker; as well as our colleagues at 3deep Media, especially Mike Postons, and the Olympus Dive Center, including Robert Purifoy and Jon Belisario, and Kevin Moore andRich Stanage for their video contributions.

Keep an eye out for more 3D Digital Tours, 360° video, and more virtual reality experiences!

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